Our story

Our journey began with the passion of one person about fabric, color, design, style. We grew to a team of individuals with aligned mission of catalysing collaboration between international buyers and local suppliers. With our emphasis on innovation, design, development, value addition and creativity, we started with apparels and diversified to home furnishings and home textiles.

We draw our inspiration from our logo which is designed around the Indian motif of the shakti chakra. It is an enabler of harmony between various elements in the universe, and the internal strength to tirelessly work towards this harmony. So, we envision ourselves creating environmentally sustainable and joyful end results for all stakeholders across the industry.

After a decade long journey, we still continue to work with some of the best brands and our oldest clients around the world.

What We Are About

Mission statement

AIS provide services and products in the international markets for garments through innovation & design development in the field of fabric, style, fashion, color and design. We are a catalyst between our international buyers and local vendors creating a bond emphasizing on value addition and creativity.

Vision statement

At AIS, we are committed to the process of learning and growing with everyone that we work with and we share our joy of that process with our associates and partners, we are a strong creative link in this supply chain, adding value through simplicity and sincerity.

Our logo

Is drawn from the Indian motif of the shakti chakra, which represents an enabler of harmony between various elements in the universe. Our team, with its experience of over a decade, strives for a similar harmony in working with overseas importers and local manufacturers in India.


 What we can do for you

Product Development

At AIS, we take pride in our knowledge about the latest trends, product development and design. We have delivered proven results as a single-point-of-contact for both buyers and suppliers, and ensure that your requirements are properly understood and executed in close coordination with all stakeholders.


From preparing mood boards to mocks, experimenting with new fabrics, trims to treatments, we work with a motto of adding value through simplicity. Our designs are customized to the needs of our clients and are carefully tested to ensure desired quality before being presented to the end consumer.

Quality Control

We take pride in adhering to timelines and have multiple checks and controls in place to ensure high quality. Factory evaluations, sample appraisals, product evaluation sheets, regular factory visits, monitoring laboratory test results, wash and wear consumer test (as per wash care instructions), are a part of our Business As Usual.


Compliance to industry standards for both our employees and our partners, and the promotion of healthy living and a cleaner environment is a key component of our business philosophy. We coordinate with independent auditors to ensure that our suppliers are compliant with various industry standards like BSCI and WRAP,


We have a highly efficient shipping team that takes care of timely delivery of consignments and compliance with international and internal AIS documentation . The team specializes in coordinating with the buyers, suppliers and forwarding agents. We place a great deal of emphasis on ensuring that the documentation is accurate and done well on time, to ensure smooth deliveries.

Product Design

Our primary endeavor is to add value to the products and services we offer. In this journey we collaborate with select European designers to create exclusive designs in graphics and silhouettes. If a client requires exclusive print designs, we are capable and happy to facilitate the same. We are also focusing on integrating and promoting Indian artisans’ handcraft techniques into the products that we offer to our clients

Our Product's

AIS Team


Our Value Customers

What Our Customer Says

"We at CNS Group have been working with Apparels International Sourcing for the last 7 years. We have been very satisfied with the cooperation during the years. There is a good understanding for the need from our markets and  the production quality is good. We CNS group see AIS as a good supplier which we expect to do business with also in the future."

CNS Group

"I have worked with AIS for almost 10-years with different brands and I am fully satisfied with our collaboration. The team is available, friendly and at your disposal. You can count on them to do quality work quickly and efficiently."

Styliste Freelance

"Working with AIS for IKKS as a fashion designer was an interesting experience. They are really professional and careful with their work. Their factories have a large range of technique."


Founder, Henry & Henriette

"I've been working with AIS since many years and I never be disappointed. The team is really professional and helpful. They support customers all along steps of development and production. I recommend them if you're looking for  someone serious and competent."

Former Buyer Kaporal

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